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Falls Prevention Awareness Day 2017

  Age Safe America joins the National Council on Aging in observing the 10th annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day (FPAD) on Sept. 22, 2017—the first day of fall.  In honor of this notable milestone, the theme of the event will be 10 Years Standing Together to...

How it Felt Preparing for a Catastrophic Event

Sunday night September 10th at 6PM the power went out. My wife and I had set-up a nice cave in an inner walk-in closet with pillows, water, flashlights, food and phones. From 8-12PM Irma was on the doorstep of Sarasota and the surrounding communities. Around midnight...

Preparing for a Hurricane

Here are a few things you should do before a hurricane: Remove weak and dead trees or tree limbs on your property. Know whether your home is in a zone that could be flooded by storm surge, meaning you'd have to evacuate. Have plans for where you will go if you...

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