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Make the Bathroom the Smartest Room in the House

Smart technology has found a place in virtually every room in the home, even the one where we take care of our most low-tech needs. In fact, thanks to innovations like sensor-operated, self-cleaning toilets, moisture-sensing ventilation fans and digital shower...

Senior Home Safety Specialist™ Online Course

We are pleased to announce the much anticipated release of the Senior Home Safety Specialist™ online course! Our goal is to provide a holistic curriculum and a fresh look at many issues affecting seniors endeavoring to "age safe at home”.   The Senior Home Safety...

Are You Drinking Enough Fluids?

It’s important for your body to have plenty of fluids each day. Water helps you digest your food, absorb nutrients, and then get rid of the unused waste. With age, some people may lose their sense of thirst. To further complicate matters, some medicines might make it...

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