Age Safe® Services Registry


Seniors, Family Members and Homeowners are looking to Age Safe® America for trusted information on Home Safety and Aging-In-Place Solutions and Products. Our new Consumer Courses will drive additional inquiries to Age Safe® America for resources and solutions. All Registry Members undergo a “best practices background screening” by our US based partner and/or belong to reputable industry associations and/or carry recognized industry credentials.






If you are a senior or caregiver please use the form to the right>>>

Check “Need Services Referral” and be very specific as to what services you or your loved one needs, and where exactly you or they currently live (city, state, zip code). We will attempt to match you with a qualified professional. Currently we respond between 9AM – 5PM EST.


Registry Members Include:

  • Senior Home Safety Specialists™
  • Remodeling Contractors
  • Home Care Providers
  • Handyman Services
  • Grab Bar Installers
  • Smart Home Tech
  • Interior Designers
  • Medical Alert Providers
  • Home Security Providers
  • HME (Home Medical Equipment)
  • Aging Life Care™ Managers
  • Senior Move Managers®
  • Senior Real Estate Specialists®
  • Reverse Mortgage Agents
  • Legal/Financial/Insurance Services
  • Senior Living/Elder Care Consultants


“The Age Safe® Services Registry enhances our ability to help support the needs of older adults and their family members, including helping to match them to professionals in their local area who can provide a range of services for aging in place”.

Fritzi Gros-Daillon, Director of Education and Advocacy



Advancing Successful Aging at Home



Disclaimer: We have incorporated a vetting and background screening process but visitors understand there is no 100% effective method for screening and you agree to indemnify, defend and hold Age Safe America, LLC harmless from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, and causes of action whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury that may be sustained by you, or any property belonging to you or a third party relating to the the referral of a provider member listed on this registry. You understand that we make no representation, warranty, or guarantee as to the quality of service offered by Registry Members. Registry Member providers do not work for or with Age Safe America, LLC and any issue that arises between you and a Registry Member provider shall be resolved solely between you and the provider.





Working with Seniors?

Join a growing network of Senior Home Safety Specialists™, Aging-in-Place Professionals, Remodeling Contractors, Senior Care Providers, Elder Law, Financial/Insurance Advisors, and a myriad of Aging Services Providers all committed to the safety, security, longevity and independence of our older adults.





Sample Registry Requests:

(try to be as specific as possible, so we can direct you accordingly)


“We are looking for resources to conduct a safety inspection of my father in law’s apartment and a contractor to assist with upgrading the bathroom and installing grab bars, etc. Please contact me using the information above to discuss our needs in more detail. Thank you”. – Los Angeles, CA


“Hello, I am needing to get my dad’s house assessed and have someone make the modifications from the assessment. My dad will be 81 and has Parkinson’s. It’s getting harder for him to get around but I would like to give him his independence for as long as possible. Thank you!” – Denver, CO


“We would like to schedule a comprehensive home safety assessment ASAP. Thanks!” – Vancouver, WA


“Good morning. I am looking for help with evaluating and instituting any changes in my mother’s home in Long Beach, NY. She lives on the second floor of a two family home, is 87 years old, need help in assessment and recommendations. Thank you.” – Long Beach NY


“Looking to have my mom’s home inspected, It’s 2 floors with a basement so 3 levels. Two bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, loft and cellar. About 2,000square feet. My mom is 80 and in good health, we want to make sure we keep her safe. Thank you.” – Tucson, AZ


“Hello, I am a care manager looking for resources for our patients to prevent falls with a home safety consultation when needed. Are there resources in GA? – Augusta, GA


“Mothers home – make senior friendly. Thanks.” – Arlington Heights, IL


Good morning this is in regards to a consultation for my parents home for safety. I’d like to set it up for this week if possible”. – Great Neck, NY


“Inquiring for a full home assessment in WA” – Port Angeles, WA


“99 year old mom living with us – falling a bit. Want to make the house as safe as possible.” – Mount Laurel, NJ


“I am trying to find a consultant that can help us decide what the safest flooring would be for her and my father. They are in their 70’s and my father has some mobility issues. They are reflooring a new home but don’t know what the best options for them would be. We just need to be pointed in the right direction. Thank you for what you do!” – Santa Rosa, CA


“I am interested in having a home safety assessment completed.” – East Brunswick, NJ


“Hello we would like to get someone out to do a full safety assessment of my mothers home and help us to get the necessary modifications done including updating her shower, installing grab bars and making her kitchen more functional. She’s 85 and still loves to cook and bake”. – Venice, FL


“I am a physician and am interested in what local resources you may have for my patients, consulting services, etc.” – Lafayette, IN



Advancing Successful Aging at Home