Aging in Place ESSENTIALS®

Safety. Security. Longevity.

Aging in Place ESSENTIALS®

Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and resources to play a pivotal role in helping your 50+ clients and their families.
This online course is an excellent opportunity to enhance your professional development and demonstrate your commitment to providing exceptional service to older adults and family members.
Aging in Place ESSENTIALS® is a comprehensive training course designed to empower professionals to assist millions of Americans facing various obstacles to aging in their own homes. As we age, new considerations arise regarding Home, Health, and Wealth that will impact older adults and their family members. This course aims to provide you with valuable information, resources, and guidance in these areas, equipping you with actionable strategies, knowledge, and tools necessary to navigate the aging-in-place journey. Understanding this demographic and developing skills to serve them will greatly contribute to your success.
Throughout this 3-hr course we will delve into a holistic curriculum, offering a fresh perspective on the important issues and decisions that impact older adults seeking to create a successful aging-in-place lifestyle. We will explore topics such as evidence-based home safety solutions, long-term caregiving options, maintaining physical and mental health, accessing support services, understanding government programs, finding trusted resources, fostering social connections, exploring multi-generational living, addressing legal matters, and navigating financial considerations.
We recognize the vital role professionals play in supporting and guiding older adults and family members. This important training will cover the overall Aging ln Place concepts, messaging, assets, liabilities and key areas to be considered for successful planning and goals. This course was developed to assist a myriad of professional advisors to better fulfill their responsibilities; as such, our curriculum offers up-to-date information and proactive tools, enabling you to better educate clients and advocate for their needs. By understanding the unique needs, goals, and challenges of successful aging, you will able to confidently help guide clients towards the best long-term solutions to support a lifestyle of independence.
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Age Safe® America offers a unique training and coaching program to entrepreneurs and senior services professionals seeking an additional revenue stream for an existing business and looking become a true resource in their community. Many people are now interested in finding opportunity in the senior market, attracted by the aging of America. Our program allows you to confidently engage this unprecedented demographic and to become a true resource in your community.
Safety. Security. Longevity.

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This training is designed for those looking to build or scale a business around Home Safety Assessments & Aging in Place Home Modification.
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This Targeted Training and Coaching Program has been our premier training since 2015. Our program allows you to confidently engage this unprecedented demographic and become a true resource in your community. Strategies and tools to hit the ground running, and the confidence to know where you’re going! 
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Safety. Security. Longevity.

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