Age Safe® Code of Conduct

Safety. Security. Longevity.

Code of Conduct.

Age Safe® America Members agree to conduct their business maintaining the highest professional standards and abide by our Code of Conduct and Fair Practice. Members also agree to an annual background screening by our US based partner, and to serve seniors with dignity and integrity.

Safety. Security. Longevity.
Age Safe® America

Since 2015 a national membership, training, advocacy and services organization.

Age Safe® America Members Are

We are honest in how we conduct our business and personal affairs.

We go the extra mile to get the job done the right way the first time.

We honor the rights of others and show them kindness and respect.

We treat everyone fairly and equally and give them what they deserve.

We behave in a consistent, responsive and reliable manner.

We gain the trust of our clients by representing our services and products honestly.

We do not engage in illegal, unethical, false, misleading or deceptive business practices.

We disclose all polices, exclusions or guarantees openly before the sale.

We address marketplace disputes quickly, professionally, and in good faith.

In addition, as part of the Code of Conduct and Fair Practice, Members agree to be in full compliance with all the Federal, State and local laws and regulations that may apply to the Member’s specific activities. 

Safety. Security. Longevity.

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