Better Living Design(BLD) is an unprecedented approach to position universal design in the residential marketplace. The BLD team is rebranding universal design for homes and home products that work well and look good.


Our strategy to achieve the BLD vision is to engage stakeholders in the home building industry by developing and promoting a new standard for how homes and products for use in the home are designed. This effort will also include reviewing home plans, evaluating remodeling job specifications, and establishing criteria for evaluating appliances and fixtures and for everyday products used in the home.


The BLD Approach

Better Living Design is a sensible design approach to improve how homes are designed, built and remodeled in America.


The BLD™ Institute promotes, educates and encourages wide adoption of a new program, which transparently applies the principles of Universal Design to homes, including the aesthetic appeal that consumers want. A major goal is to design, build and remodel homes that are more livable across a lifetime, while providing added resale value.


For those in the construction industry, BLD offers positive “news” and excitement. Designing and building homes that earn the BLD Approved designation means that builders, designers, and remodelers have created something the consumer will want for today and tomorrow.


Consumer Orientation

The BLD Institute will promote the BLD@ program to the housing industry as well as consumers. Consumers today demand better design in every product they use. That’s why Heinz decided to abandon their iconic glass bottle for an easier‐to‐use plastic squeeze bottle. Applying better design to homes, making them more adaptable across the life span, is no different.


BLD focuses on improved home environments and home products, presenting them both as better for any consumer. Consumers will want BLD when it is positioned as the ‘better way’ to design and build, versus the old, current way that requires occupants to adapt to their environment more often than the environment adapts to the user’s needs.


BLD™ research shows that once consumers see the BLD approach, they do indeed want it included in their homes. Making BLD aspirational, therefore desired, will change everything. This approach targets and utilizes research about popular consumption of products and ideas.



For Homeowners, a home with BLD™ features means


  • Maintaining Lifestyle
  • Promoting Health
  • A home with long term Flexibility
  • Lifelong Living
  • A home that is easily Customizable
  • A home with Ease of Use and Convenience features
  • A home with greater Comfort



In the future every home will be designed and built for everyone. That future starts here. Now.










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