Of the 300,000 people over the age of 65 who are hospitalized with a hip fracture annually, over 75% of them are women. This crisis is worsened by osteoporosis and falling, especially falling sideways. For people who fall in this age group, 2/3 are likely to fall again with a year’s time.

What can we do to reduce the risks? According to the CDC, there are several important steps to take! When we talk with the doctor, discuss fall risk, review your medications to avoid interactions that could cause dizziness, the possible addition of D3 supplements and balance/exercise programs.

We can take action ourselves by choosing exercises for balance and flexibility that can be fun, too. Even a chair yoga program is a great place to start.

Having our eyes checked annually, especially if we wear bifocals to ensure that we can see well, keeping our depth perception for tripping hazards in mind.

In our homes, the CDC also recommends the following:

  • Get rid of things you could trip over.
  • Add grab bars inside and outside your tub or shower and next to the toilet.
  • Put railings on both sides of stairs.
  • Make sure your home has lots of light by adding more or brighter light bulbs.

Each action step we take is vital to reduce the risk of falling and the agony of a hip fracture.