Celebrate National Caregivers Day



The third Friday in February is observed annually as National Caregivers Day. This special day was founded in 2015 by the Providers Association for Home Health & Hospice Agencies (PAHHHA). It honors the men and women who provide vital services to individuals and families around the country. Not only are caregivers an important part of the healthcare system, especially for patients who are in long-term or hospice care, but day in and day out, these dedicated individuals commit their lives to care for someone else’s needs.


Across the nation dedicated health care professionals serve those who require long-term or hospice care. National Caregivers Day honors those men and women dedicated to providing these vital services. Caregivers deliver a variety of services from personal care to medical services with compassion and professionalism. Their days may be long and demanding, but they provide support to those who need it most.


Honoring those individuals who aid your loved ones, especially the elderly who often require long-term care, is something we should celebrate year-round. Caregivers have that special kindness gene that enables them to care for people every day, and there are many ways we can show them how important they are in the lives of your loved ones. National Caregivers Day is just one of many ways to show appreciation for these individuals. This year, take time to thank a caregiver for their dedication and care of your loved ones.


National Caregivers Day is the perfect time to acknowledge the dedicated, compassionate people who work as caregivers, but it shouldn’t end there. Simply showing your appreciation throughout the year, even with just a simple ‘thank you,’ can help boost the spirit of these individuals who work tirelessly to provide high-quality care to the loved ones in your life.