National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week


National Nurses Week starts May 6 and ends May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale. The purpose of National Nurses Week is to raise awareness of the value of nursing and educate the public about the role nurses play in health promotion, disease prevention, and treatment of chronic and acute illnesses.


As if every week is a not a good reason to honor the hard work and dedication of our nurses, this recent national emergency has truly brought their selfless frontline efforts to light in a big way. Over the past couple months, our nurses have worked heroically on the Coronavirus response. During National Nurses Week , we honor and celebrate the extraordinary men and women who devote themselves to this vital and noble profession.


It is an entire week dedicated solely to the professional nurse – honoring them for the work they do, while also educating the public about the very important role nurses have in healthcare. During this week, healthcare organizations around the country will be honoring their nurses through various events and activities.


The nursing profession has a long and important legacy in our nation’s history. From the moment a patient walks into a healthcare facility to the moment they leave, nurses are on call, tending to every need, comforting and healing to the best of their abilities and delivering compassionate care. However, for all nurses do each and every day, they don’t always get the recognition they deserve.


Many have taken to Twitter using the hashtag #ThankYouNurses to show their appreciation.