During the holiday season, it is common for families to gather to share celebrations and traditions, including meals and gift giving. We are reminded that our time and sharing are among the most important gifts for our older family members whether they live close to us or far away. It is a chance to observe and see if we identify any changes in well-being, attitude, or general health. We at Age Safe® America believe this opportunity of time together can be a time to make the small changes to enhance quality of life, peace of mind and safety in the home.


Let’s just look at a few ideas, just getting into the house.

Do you see a front door with no light overhead? Does the bulb need to be changed? Could you add a motion sensor light to illuminate the door lock? Is there a little shelf or small table near the front door for packages? Is the front doormat a tripping hazard? Has the non-slip backing worn off? Is the door handle easy to use? Would a lever handle work better? Is there security lighting? Is there a lighted doorbell? Would a security camera or security camera doorbell provide peace of mind?


If you have noticed any concerns at the entrance (and it can be the side door, back door, or entrance from the garage)? This is the chance to make your holiday gift one of safety and reducing the risks of falls. The simplest things, like changing the light bulb in a hard-to-reach location or a battery in a smoke alarm, could be the best gifts ever! Actually taking the steps, replacing the bulbs, placing the small table- any of these activities ensure that the little things that have a big impact get done!


We celebrate this time of year in many different traditions, but reducing falls and enhancing our peace of mind, unites us all.



Age Safe® Live Well.