Chris MacLellan affectionately known as “The Bow Tie Guy” interviews Ms. Fritzi Gros-Daillon award winning author and Age Safe America’s Chief Advocacy Officer. The challenges of moving the elderly from one home to the next are frequently faced by both generations: seniors and their adult children. The two discuss her life and her book of compelling stories about this later-in-life event. These real-life issues of communication, downsizing decisions pertaining to personal possessions, and sharing and sustaining memories convey the love, compassion, disappointment, and perseverance experienced by those coping through this difficult transitional time, reminding readers that they are not alone.



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Healing Ties from The Bow Tie Guy

Affectionately known as “The Bow Tie Guy,” in the caregiving community, Chris MacLellan brings his soothing style and personal caregiving experience to Healing Ties Radio. With special guest from across the country, the theme of the show is how we create “Healing Ties” in our life and in our community. On “Healing Ties” we focus on the four pillars in life; our Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Financial health to create good health, happiness and prosperity around us. Now that caregiving has ended, let the Healing Ties begin! Visit: